UKick is a NEW fun, social, healthy and totally addictive sporting craze sweeping across the globe!

Fusing elements of badminton, street football and freestyle the aim of the game is to keep the UKick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground!

UKick's beauty is it can be played alone or with friends, for fun or in competition, indoors or outside!

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Team UKick

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Our mission is to bring fun to people all over the world no matter how young or old they are, engaging people in a fun, social and healthy form of exercise. It’s as simple as that! So whether you are in an office or in school, take a brief chill out period with your colleagues and friends and kick the UKick about! Trust us - It really works wonders in taking your mind off things for a bit!

Since the birth of UKick we have had some amazing attention from the press, had numerous TV appearances (cringe!), visited No.10 and met some really amazing people but for us the journey has just begun!

Check out the UKick timeline to see our journey so far...

The UKick timeline so far...

  • Timeline 1

    1June 2008

    What's that?

    Nearing the end of his travels, David visited Vietnam and came across a totally weird and awesome game! He then spent half of his time in Vietnam playing with the locals – he was totally addicted to the game!
  • Timeline 1

    2July 2009

    Partying with a difference!

    Returning home to a hot summer, David introduces the awesome new found game to a load of parties and BBQ’s he went to! It became a regular part of every party and people started expecting it to appear!
  • Timeline 1

    3April 2010

    Tea anyone?

    The doom and gloom of the global recession saw David losing his job (booooooo!) BUT deciding to start up his first business! Yep you got it…TEA! The tea business did not last long though and he went onto bigger and better things – UKick!
  • Timeline 1

    4May 2010

    UKick was born

    But UKick did not just happen, in fact UKick was actually named Featherball first and then You Kick before becoming the most awesome of awesome things UKick!
  • Timeline 1

    5Jan 2011

    Party Pooper

    Working in a party Shop during the week (and weekends which meant no UKick at parties which to put it bluntly upset many people) and focused to start UKick meant that an idea turned into a reality and by the end of the year the big red button was pushed and the manufacturing of the first ever UKick’s began!
  • Timeline 1

    6Feb 2012

    And so it began

    Jan 2012 the UKick’s landed! Unpacking the boxes in David’s parent’s conservatory it became clear that there were loads of unsellable products due to poor packaging, or broken UKick’s. Nearly half the stock was not good enough to sell. This was the first introduction to manufacturing in China! Still, David had his own product in his hands which was an exciting feeling!
  • Timeline 1

    7Feb 2012

    The first sales - yay!

    Packing 2 boxes full of UKick’s into his oversized sports bag one weekend, David started to roam the streets of London looking to sell UKick to whoever was interested! He returned with only a couple of UKick’s left having sold the rest to newsagents and souvenir shops and a couple of people in the park. He also had set up a meeting with a retail shop (even if it was a larger souvenir shop chain, and a chain I would sell too but who never paid!). It was a case in the coming months to just get out anytime he could including work lunch breaks to sell, sell, sell and it worked on a small scale. Boy was it hard getting knockbacks though!
  • Timeline 1

    8Sept 2012

    15 minutes of fame... Be Your Own Boss!

    From applying on the closing date to programme called Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) to a few stages later David had been picked as a finalist and was being followed around for 8 weeks by a film crew which was kinda cool but exhausting! It was a time which was spent simply pushing UKick as much as possible and the amount learnt from those 8 weeks would be invaluable!
  • Timeline 1

    9Sept 2012

    Autographs anyone.... nope didn't think so!

    The 26th September was the day the BYOB episode on UKick aired! It was a crazy moment and really the start of UKick but far from the success of it. From the opening seconds of the show to about 2 weeks later the phone was constantly vibrating with orders, emails, tweets, facebook messages and calls! David found he had absolutely no time to even watch the show (which is just as well to be honest as its weird watching yourself on a screen in front of you). This was the time I resigned from my job and decided to go at it full time!
  • Timeline 1

    10Sept 2012

    SOLD OUT! Hooray!

    UKick sold out within a few weeks, and the quality checking, packing, posting, replying to the emails and meeting people along with taking care of the other aspects of the business were exhausting (and with out the production line which consisted of David’s mum, and brother in the family conservatory there would have many a late UKick posted out). It was clear by the bags under the eyes (see the picture) that UKick needed an extra someone else to help it succeed – ENTER Phil!
  • Timeline 1

    11Oct 2012

    Enter Phil (Ginge)

    Out of all the people in the world David picks PHIL to join the UKick journey! Phil and David spend most of their time eating food and playing UKick, realising shortly after that there is still a lot of work to be done to turn UKick into the Global Craze they are both aiming for!
  • Timeline 1

    12Dec 2012

    Fan mail

    Its so cool to receive fan mail! We love hearing about your UKIck stories!
  • Timeline 1

    13Dec 2012

    Panic = Bad!

    Having sold out but needing stock to supply the interest from major retailers and customers we ordered quickly hoping to receive the order before Christmas. In hindsight we have learnt that rushing is a bad evil mistake to do. The stock arrived in January 2013 so absolutely nowhere near in time for the Christmas just gone. Rushing also meant lots of mistakes, most importantly keeping check of the cash flow for the business!
  • Timeline 1

    14Jan 2013

    Phil learns how to count

    The new products arrived in January and when the lorry turned up David started unpacking while Phil watched and played UKick (which was Phil calls work!) Not sure what we expected in terms of 10,000 units to look like but put it this way, it took about 45 mins just to take the boxes off the lorry! The product looked great including the new Customise UKick! But we had missed Christmas and now had lot’s of stock, as well as a hole in the bank!
  • Timeline 1

    15Jan 2013


    The London Toy Fair 2103 saw Phil and David get to hang out with some of their all time hero’s (The teenage ninja turtles). The couple of days were spent approaching distributors and toy sellers all geared up in the UKick branded t-shirts and hoodies! The amount of interest from the distributors was unreal and one particular distributor stood out and fit UKick exactly – Wicked Vision! In fact David Strang MD of Wicked Vision had actually contacted us after the show to set up a meeting which never happened due everything going UKick crazy!
  • Timeline 1

    16Feb 2013

    Nuremburg Toy Fair 2013 - Flights booked (tick) Accommodation booked (NO tick!)

    A week later and very last minute we found ourselves at the largest Toy Fair in the world! Having arrived at the airport and after trying to find accommodation it became clear that we had been a tad naive thinking we could just rock up at a hotel and find accommodation. There was literally nothing in terms of beds and a roof over our heads.

    Luckily after turning up at one of the last hostels in the city there had been a cancellation and with a bit of room shifting we got a dorm room!

    Bring on the Toy fair!

    The strategy was simple - we would mimic what we did in the London Toy Fair and walk around speaking to distributors!

    The venue for the toy fair was more than massive it was mahusive! WE soon felt a little out of our depths. However plucking up the courage and hedging our bets of whether or not what we were planning to do would get us chucked out of the venue we set up at the top of some escalators which so happened to be right next to a large restaurant and coffee shop area. Even more surprising it so happened to be the only way up to the floors where every retailer buyer would have to come up to visit the largest toy manufacturers! Fancy that!

    The next 3 days were spent UKicking at the top of these escalators attracting huge amounts of attention amongst buyers and interested parties from around the world.

    The Nurmeburg toy Fair would also see us bumping into David Strang from Wicked Vision who were on the hunt for their next product lines! Some would call it FATE?
  • Timeline 1

    17March 2013

    UKick in schools!

    2013 gave us the chance to visit schools and plan out the UKick classes with the kids! They absolutely loved it and so did the parents and teachers so we decided UKick classes had to be done! Above is a card from a school we visited!
  • Timeline 1

    18May 2013

    A bit of giving = FUN!

    2013 also saw us help one of many charities close to our heart and we donated 800 units to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust for their goodie bags at the Daisy Ball! We also had our very own Roman B perform some UKick tricks in front of a 1000 strong audience! A former England Rugby player Victor Ubogu even got involved in a bit of UKicking as well as some other celebs!
  • Timeline 1

    19Aug 2013

    Our first national retailer

    2013 saw our first major national retailer sale with Cotsworld Outdoors! Incidentally they also sold out pre Christmas! BOOM TOWN!
  • Timeline 1

    20Dec 2013

    Not cool enough to be in our TV advert!

    Most of the rest of 2013 would be more or less a time for getting the product ready for Wicked Vision our newly appointed distributor to take on. BUT in that time we did get to make our TV ad which was great fun!! Only thing was we were told we were not cool enough to be in it! Boooooo!
  • Timeline 1

    21Dec 2013

    Is that normal?

    The end of 2013 went out with a bang when we sold out not once, not twice but 3 times out of 3 appearances on QVC. In fact we sold out each time while still on air! It was great because we now had some cashflow but also as it was a great sign for future things to come and above all it was evidence UKick would be a success in front of Wicked Vision! Apparently Phil is not normal and neither is the benchmark we set for records on QVC!
  • Timeline 1

    22Jan 2014

    Weird but good to be back... a year on from 2013!

    January 22nd saw us launch UKick at the London Toy Fair. Who would have thought we would be here a year later but this time promoting UKick with our own stand!

    The show went really well winning Toy of the Year 2014, appearing in the Daily star top toys of 2014, in the telegraph, and various other papers as well as on the front page of the news on Yahoo!

    UKicking constantly David lost a load of weight (he thought he could see a six pack protruding but we all know that was a load of you know what!) and Phil was pleased as he got filmed UKicking on a Welsh kids TV programme! (aghhh bless ha ha).
  • Timeline 1

    23April 2013

    Dragons Den tip.... Don't enter the Den hungover!

    DRAGONS DEN!!!! Facing the Dragons is a tall order... Probably best not to both turn up hungover you can’t get away with it as Piers Linney identified! The Dragons were great, and after an hour and half despite walking out of the den with no money we held our heads up high and took on board the many compliments. Except from Piers Linney who literally told David that he looks like a Zombie!

    1. Don’t turn up hungover to Dragons Den pitch
    2. Duncan Bannatyne needs to practise his right foot
    3. Don’t even bother to ask someone wearing high heels to play UKick – its near impossible!