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Have U got the skillz? Here are some uber cool moves to master. Practice makes perfect! Work your way up from 1 star (easy) to 5 stars (UKick Pro)

  • trick overhead

    The Overhead Healy


    Test your flexibility with this stylish move! UKick must come off your heal - a great one to master to impress your friends!

  • trick coroc

    Av-It (costume optional)


    For those just starting out - send UKick into orbit with this simple but effective move. Best performed in fancy dress!

  • classic kick

    Classic Kick


    This is where it all begins... Keeping it simple to master UKick control, then progress to world domination!

  • side foot

    Side Foot


    Traditional oriental move using the inside of your shoe to make contact - great for learning control.

  • daniel son

    Daniel Son


    Also known as the "Praying Mantis". Arms out, bent leg, then whack it into orbit!

  • jumping healy

    Jumping Heely


    This potential pant ripping move will impress even the most boring people (underpants required)

  • back neck

    Back of the neck


    Harder than it looks! Catch your UKick on your neck. Extra points if you manage to keep UKicking after!

  • scorpuib



    Extra points for this one if you manage to perform the “caterpillar” dance move afterwards!

  • Hand Whack

    Simple Hand Whack


    UKick is not all about using your feet you know - use any part of your body, for this one just your hand is fine! Simple!

  • standing heely

    Standing Heely


    A great way to progress onto the “jumping heely” . This is an effective move no matter what skill level you are.

  • The Show Off

    The Show Off


    Audience required!!! Get HUGE air and leave everyone gobsmacked, then retire knowing you conquered the world of UKick!

  • trick laura

    High Kick Smack-down


    A powerful jump in the air will get you going with th is move. One foot under the oter and aim high!

Games Title

Here are only a couple of cool games to get you started! Remember you can create your own games with UKick - That’s the beauty of UKick!

Any number of players can play

  • 1Form a circle. Kick the UKick to any player in the circle, keeping the UKick in the air.
  • 2The next player will then kick the UKick to another player in the circle and so on.
  • 3If a player lets the UKick touch the ground or they miss kick it causing it to hit the ground, the player loses one life.
  • 4Each player has 3 lives.
  • 5The final live player is the winner!

This game challenges your skills to the maximum. You need great control, accuracy and agreat touch

  • 1Buy your UKick Dart Board here
  • 2Select the colours of your UKick by customising it. Make sure it’s different from your opponents.
  • 3Each player has 5 attempts of trying to get the most amount of points by kicking the UKick so it lands base first within the circle!
  • 4The player with the most amount of points at the end is the UKick winner!

Caring for your UKick

Every UKick is unique and needs looking after. If used properly, your UKick should last for a very long time... Here’s some tips in caring for your UKick!


  • 1Take care with your UKick feathers when pulling them out of the base and putting them back in. It is best to hold the feathers stem near the thickest point. Let your UKick breath by taking it out of its tube. Let your UKick spread its feathers which will naturally happen over time
  • 2After a while the feathers may become ruffled up. Don’t worry! You can easily reshape them back by gently stroking them in their natural direction until the feathers are nice and fluffy again.
  • 3The feathers are tougher than you think but are not unbreakable. Try not to stand on your UKick too much and avoid bending the feathers as this will spoil their shape.
  • 4Do not leave in direct sunlight or feather colours may fade.


  • 5The discs are made of hard plastic. Be sure not to bend the discs as they may snap.
  • 6If your disc get dirty you can easily wash them in warm soapy water.
  • 7Avoid getting the top disc wet as it is not waterproof.


  • 8Be careful when inserting your feathers into the rubber base, making sure each feathers is put into separate slots.
  • 9Although tempting, try not to stretch the base as it will eventually crack and then possibly split.
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