As seen on Dragons Den. UKick is a NEW fun, social, healthy and totally addictive sporting craze sweeping across the globe! Fusing elements of badminton, street football and freestyle the aim of the game is to keep the Ukick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground!

Choose YOUR UKick!

Warning: Choking Hazard: Small Parts and Plastic Packaging. Not for children under 8 years. Not suitable for pets.
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Endless tricks and stunts for you to master

  • trick coroc

    Av-It (costume optional)


    For those just starting out - send UKick into orbit with this simple but effective move. Best performed in fancy dress!

  • trick overhead

    The Overhead Healy


    Test your flexibility with this stylish move! UKick must come off your heal - a great one to master to impress your friends!

  • classic kick

    Classic Kick


    This is where it all begins... Keeping it simple to master UKick control, then progress to world domination!

  • side foot

    Side Foot


    Traditional oriental move using the inside of your shoe to make contact - great for learning control.

  • daniel son

    Daniel Son


    Also known as the "Praying Mantis". Arms out, bent leg, then whack it into orbit!

  • jumping healy

    Jumping Heely


    This potential pant ripping move will impress even the most boring people (underpants required)

  • back neck

    Back of the neck


    Harder than it looks! Catch your UKick on your neck. Extra points if you manage to keep UKicking after!

  • scorpuib



    Extra points for this one if you manage to perform the “caterpillar” dance move afterwards!

  • Hand Whack

    Simple Hand Whack


    UKick is not all about using your feet you know - use any part of your body, for this one just your hand is fine! Simple!

  • standing heely

    Standing Heely


    A great way to progress onto the “jumping heely” . This is an effective move no matter what skill level you are.

  • The Show Off

    The Show Off


    Audience required!!! Get HUGE air and leave everyone gobsmacked, then retire knowing you conquered the world of UKick!

  • trick laura

    High Kick Smack-down


    A powerful jump in the air will get you going with th is move. One foot under the oter and aim high!